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Arianna Sementilli

Powered by iced coffee, sarcasm, and snacks.

A New York based Photographer with 7 years of experience, Arianna is currently a Product Photographer for SMSB Consulting Group Inc.. She is also a freelance Photographer who works closely with local small businesses shooting product and production photos for local Long Island theaters. 


Additionally, she has worked as a Photographer for South Bay Auctions Inc. and as a Graphic Designer, Video Editor for Joseph Scott Galleries. 

Arianna is an able, enthusiastic, and skilled artist seeking creative opportunities that reflect her experience and sparks her ingenuity.

When not photographing her dog, Arianna enjoys reading, crocheting, and baking for her loved ones.



July 2023

Newsday LLC Long Island, VOL. 83, NO. 296.

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